Naxxar’s great feast

13 Sep

Naxxar's statue of Maria BambinaLast Saturday, the 8th of September — Victory Day — is probably the most significant day in the Maltese calendar in that no less than four momentous events are celebrated on this day.  First of all, of particular significance for Naxxar whose church is dedicated to Maria Bambina (baby Mary), the day celebrates the mysterious nativity of the Virgin Mary.  Continue reading

Houdini Ben

31 Aug

Alive and confusedYou’d think our posts would be full of culture and history, particularly given that we’re now living on an island that abounds with human history going back 7000 years.   Continue reading

One of us has a job

28 Aug

img_0214Things are moving fast here in Malta. Tonight a potential employer came to the flat to interview one of the family for a job. Weirdly, the interview took place on the road and the end result is that one of us will soon be working – sort of.

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Rules for liveaboards 5 and 6

26 Aug

Rule number 5: Boat time is relative

Boats pervert the course of time. When entering a marina, 2 km an hour can be a blistering pace. When fighting against a current (river or tide) 2 km accomplished in an hour is a worthwhile achievement.

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Rules 3 and 4 for liveaboards

26 Aug

Rule Number 3: boats are bigger on land

This rule is an important variation on Rule Number 2 in that it describes another aspect of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, but this time in relation to the physical structure of the vessel.

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Rules 1 and 2 for liveaboards

26 Aug

Rule Number 1: if you think it might break, consider it broken.

 Things work hard on the boat. For twenty-four hours a day bits of string, wires, bits of plastic, wood and glass, Dacron and aluminium are all at work trying to keep you bobbing safely on top of the water. If you look at something and a fleeting thought enters your brain that perhaps you should tighten it, replace it, tie it down, put another doofy on it, then do it. Straightaway

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Introducing Rules for Liveaboard sailors

26 Aug

10 rules for live aboard sailors

I wrote an e-book whilst we were sailing and I thought instead of publishing it for our ashtonsafloat friends as a PDF, I’d publish it as a series of articles for the site.  So here is the introduction. Continue reading