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Rules 3 and 4 for liveaboards

26 Aug

Rule Number 3: boats are bigger on land

This rule is an important variation on Rule Number 2 in that it describes another aspect of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, but this time in relation to the physical structure of the vessel.

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Stuck near Sens

7 May

Quick note frOm Maddy’s cellphone; we’re stuck in a quiet, safe lock but we can’t move forward because the lock has been shut due to flooding. No wifi, no power, no water or food.. Just nature, but the supermarket in the very dormant village of Courlon opens tomorrow! Some very scary moments on the way here with the turbulent river but we’re fine and waiting a few days to figure out whether we go forwards or backwards

Home again home again…

27 Feb

So I got home in time for Zoe’s Christening reception on Saturday evening after a really long flight from London.

We’re living in the rooms at the back of Omnicor and let’s say the nice thing is that it reminds us constantly we are on the move. Not even an English cavedwelling dolerunner would live in such a place.

Anyway – good to be home – to rescue the girls from their meltdowns and to complete and present some unfinished Omnicor proposals.

Funny though, SA hasn’t changed much since i went away!

On the road looking at boats

15 Feb

I had a great weekend in London with Matthew, Lousette and girls, on Monday we went up to Lowestoft to see Longhope and honestly, it was a little down-heartening she was a reasonable price but there is so much work to do.

Today though I saw Weir Wizard in Brightlingsea – too expensive but she’s great and N, the owner is a great person. More next time.

Getting ready

7 Feb

‘There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

The Wind in the Willows

Rat, Ch. 1.

Tuesday night and tomorrow I have the last two meetings of my Omnicor SA career. For months now I’ve been separating from the business and tomorrow it becomes real.

No party no flash, no hullabaloo – just go and sail without ado.

Looking forward to the adventure but starting to miss my girls, Mum and Dad.