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An afternoon in Toy Town

15 Feb

IMG_5054One day in Toy Town, Naxxar on a far away island called Malta, Mr Ashton a very tall businessman looked out from his kitchen window and saw that the sun was shining! It had rained and poured for many days and it was so pleasant to see the rays of the sun squeeze through the sulky grey clouds.   He had some things to do in the village and instead of driving in his little toy car, he thought “what a lovely afternoon to take a walk”. Continue reading

Carrier Malta

8 Feb

IMG_0813Malta was often thought of as an aircraft carrier in WWII. 18 miles long and about 12 wide the main island is not much bigger than a ship and its position in the middle of the Med, directly on the route Mussolini and later Hitler wanted to use to supply their efforts in Tunisia and the rest of North Africa, made it an essential launching platform for war planes. Continue reading

Refloating AshtonsAfloat

2 Feb

IMG_5032I’m not even going to begin to make an excuse, life is exciting but difficult right now and for a million reasons AshtonsAfloat has been on the hard along with Yangminshan. Continue reading

Where’ve the Jacaranda blooms gone?

10 Nov

Happy birthday Deryn!   We had a lovely evening yesterday,  next to the pool  at the Westcliffe Hotel overlooking Johannesburg.   I didn’t really notice because it’s quite late in the season but Dani and Deryn  were talking about how little bloom the Jacarandas  have given this year.   Continue reading

All’s well that ends with Friday night supper

27 Oct

One of the biggest realisations since I’ve been back is how people are trying to do so much and accomplishing everything they are on such high levels of stress and tiredness. Continue reading

From the Knights of Malta to one Arabian night

20 Oct

I’m on the way to SA for a few weeks; it’s Mum & Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary  and the visit gives me time to catch up with Hilton and Jackie and add my incredible value and then to do some  other work for Omnicor. Continue reading

Ben in flight

11 Oct

It’s been a while since I wrote here, not because I’m losing interest but because I’m so invested in the process of building two businesses, supporting a third, and trying to build a life on this island. Continue reading