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Maddy on a bicycle

23 Apr

I think I had a fantasy of what riding a bicycle in Paris would look like, you know, long hair, sunny weather, Benny running along next to me and Mum and Dad slightly ahead. Well, yesterday, Mum took Ben back to the boat, and Dad took me on one of the little bicycle’s that you can rent in France. My fantasy was slightly cracked. I haven’t ridden a bike in ages, although that’s not really an excuse seen as even when I did have a bike, I was always falling off anyway. Now the first thing I had to accomplish on the bike was balance. At first I was a little bit shaky, then I got it, until I had to turn, that was not very successful! I managed to fall off my bike, and take up two bicycle lanes. I battled getting up, went across the road, and went straight into a SmartCar. After cycling unsuccessfully around Paris for about an hour, Dad and I went home.

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