Thanks for reading our ramblings

This is about our journey towards richer lives.  For years we’ve been caught up in the business of busy-ness and starting in 2012 we’re embarking on a sea-change.  Literally.  We’re leaving our Johannesburg lives and we’re going to make our way by plane, sail (and motor) from Northern France, through to Malta.  Based in Malta we’ll open an agency of Omnicor, our business.

Our main aim is to balance our professional and schooling lives with a concern for living more mindfully.  We’re not eco-warriors and we’re not fundamentalists but we are sure there’s another way for us to live,  one that allows us to see each other more clearly and more frequently.

We love our lives, family and friends; we love our professions, our business and our schooling and we’re not running away from anything in South Africa.  We’re sailing towards a future of adventure, family and professional fulfilment.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us.

James, Cathy, Maddy, Ben (the Vizsla) and Angelica (the half-oriental cat)

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