An afternoon in Toy Town

15 Feb

IMG_5054One day in Toy Town, Naxxar on a far away island called Malta, Mr Ashton a very tall businessman looked out from his kitchen window and saw that the sun was shining! It had rained and poured for many days and it was so pleasant to see the rays of the sun squeeze through the sulky grey clouds.   He had some things to do in the village and instead of driving in his little toy car, he thought “what a lovely afternoon to take a walk”.

Mr Ashton’s daughter was resting in her bedroom, she had not gone to school that day because she’d overslept and her daddy is a big push over so when she looked at him with those big sad eyes, he didn’t have the heart to say “get your school clothes on you naughty weasel!”,  instead he said “don’t worry my angel, you go back to bed while I go and collect your friends and take them to school by myself because it’s my day for the lift-club”.

That afternoon though, she raised a 14-year-old disdainful eyebrow at her daddy when he suggested she should come for a walk with him in the filtered sunlight.   Not quite sure what she’d said, Mr Ashton did understand that she would rather not go into the village with him.   Not surprised or concerned, he took the papers he had to have scanned and set off to his favourite printing shop called Shalom.

Mr Ashton walked along his street waving to Martin the Busman  who had arrived home after taking children from all over the village to their homes after a hard day playing at school;  he said good afternoon to Mrs Vella the greengrocer and he crossed the road saying hello to Mr Vella who is not directly related to her but who is also a greengrocer.  Mr Vella parks his fruit and vegetable lorry opposite Mrs Vella every day, just to annoy her and to steal her customers.

Mr Ashton the tall businessman walked up the gentle hill of September 21st Street,  he always found it pleasurable  to walk on a road named after his birthday, and he sauntered along with a chuckle.

What a surprise awaited him  though! Instead of a steady stream of little cars coming down the road there was nothing. As he rounded the bend he saw that the traffic had been stopped and that some workmen were building a stage in the middle of the main road.   There were forklift trucks and little lorries and lots of men standing around with their hands on their hips. Some of the men were dressed in proper shirts and they were the managers.   Mr Ashton could tell who the managers were because they were the ones with proper shirts but also, their heads were tilted to the side. Mr Ashton thought “that is how managers look at things, they tilt their heads to the side”. Other men were very busy looking very busy, they carried bits of steel around and some of them had spanners in their hands.

Mr Ashton decided not to interrupt anybody by asking what they were doing because they were so busy doing it that he thought they might not welcome the need to slow down and so he carried on his walk to Shalom.

Sadly, there was no peace to be found for Mr Ashton at Shalom, when he arrived at his favourite printing shop, the door was locked and Sabrina the Copier was nowhere to be seen.   There was not even a sign in the window to say something like “if the door is locked, the key is under the flowerpot please let yourself in and make coffee, I’ll be back soon.”  Sabrina the Copier had left no note.

Mr Ashton the tall Businessman felt confused. He wondered “shall I wait, or shall I walk home?” After a little while of such difficult thinking another thought happened to him “I will walk even further” he thought, “I will go to my favourite cafe and ask some of the nice people who work there  if they will do my scanning for me while I have a cup of coffee”.

And so it was that Mr Ashton’s walk got longer. He walked further up the hill all the way into the centre of the village. On the way he saw a policewoman sitting down having coffee. He asked her “why is the main road of this village closed down today?” She said “I don’t know, this is not my village, I just come here for coffee.” Unenlightened  Mr Ashton carried on to his favourite coffee shop.

When he got there he met Mr Clive, the friendly coffee shop man who doubles as a photographer. Mr Clive quickly scanned Mr Ashton’s document and sent it to his home by e-mail! Not wanting to seem rude, Mr Ashton sat down and had a Coca-Cola. He doesn’t often drink Coca-Cola but he had had so much coffee today already that he thought another cup might just tip him over the edge.

As he sat on the pavement in the greying sunshine, he enjoyed watching the tiny little lorries and the tiny little cars,  travel past him at slow speeds, just because that’s how they travel in Toytown.

After his Coca Cola Mr Ashton walked slowly back down the hill towards his little home He was thinking about what he’d done in the week that had just gone past and he was quite pleased. As he thought about the week ahead he was even more pleased because Mrs Ashton his wife was going to come back from RealWorld,  another village far far away.   He looked forward to her homecoming and felt sure that she would be able to get his daughter to smile a lot.

Just before nighttime Mr Ashton got into his toy car with Maddy and they drove to doggy playschool where they collected Bennington the Jedi Vizsla from his day with his friends.  Benny  was very happy to see them and Marlon the Magical DoggyMan  was very pleased to see Benny go.

Mr Ashton the tall Businessman made soup and risotto and before long, silence fell over their home. James and Maddy and Benny all went to sleep. It had been a good day.

4 Responses to “An afternoon in Toy Town”

  1. dani1958 February 15, 2013 at 11:34 pm #

    So wonderfully written James. I could picture the scene perfectly! We missed you so much when we had lunch last Sunday with the Farlams. Fondest love!

  2. mum2dad February 16, 2013 at 8:41 am #

    We want more. What a super start to the day love you mum
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  3. Pete February 18, 2013 at 10:07 am #

    I really enjoyed this and it helped me to picture your lives there. Loved the detail – right down to Ben’s doggy day. Sorry to hear that Maddy has been feeling a bit under the weather. I hope her smiles return soon. We loved having Cathy visit us and she’s sold us on visiting you all in Malta. Now it’s just the timing and the details. Air Egypt vs Turkish Air. Our last flight with Leah was pretty awful but I’m sure she’ll be better this time around. (Maybe Sept – we’ll let you know). Love to Cathy too. P, L and little l xx

  4. deryn February 20, 2013 at 9:10 am #

    I thought it was going to turn into the Unlikely Pilgrimage of James Ashton…

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