Where’ve the Jacaranda blooms gone?

10 Nov

Happy birthday Deryn!   We had a lovely evening yesterday,  next to the pool  at the Westcliffe Hotel overlooking Johannesburg.   I didn’t really notice because it’s quite late in the season but Dani and Deryn  were talking about how little bloom the Jacarandas  have given this year.  

I’ve been watching the gradual colonisation of previously public spaces by evil capitalist organisations and, while I have not yet reached a final conclusion, I am definitely starting to think that the new battleground of public ideologies, is not politics, it’s not the economy, it is colour.

A few years ago MTN made it quite clear that it had bought summer,  specifically, it owned the colour yellow which of course is the same as summer.   Vodacom used to own blue,  but it changed its mind and realised that blue was too, well, sad.  If MTN owned summer then Vodacom had to own something equally fiery and so it bought red.

And since I’ve been back in Johannesburg,  I’ve noticed a much less ostentatious marketing campaign by Firszt Realty,  apparently it has bought purple.   Not just any purple, but the purple blanket that the Jacarandas lay down.   In their poster campaign they talk about having rolled out the purple carpet for their clients.   Now truth be told, we have never had great success from this particular agency but they obviously are a lot more effective than they used to be because, somehow they have captured the purple forest of yesteryear and they’ve locked it away somewhere, for the exclusive usage of their VIP clients.

Malta can’t have this problem because the only colour available is sandstone fawn.   There is a splash of green, but we’ve said it before, it’s owned by the Marsa Sports Club.

One Response to “Where’ve the Jacaranda blooms gone?”

  1. Felicity November 13, 2012 at 6:02 pm #

    Hi Cathy – have sent email!

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