All’s well that ends with Friday night supper

27 Oct

One of the biggest realisations since I’ve been back is how people are trying to do so much and accomplishing everything they are on such high levels of stress and tiredness.

I enjoy 702, half an hour in the car with this talk-radio station on and you’re immediately reconnected with Joburg life.  You feel reabsorbed into the politics, the events, the debates and – the gloom!  The problem with getting everyday folk to talk to the whole city on the phone is that everyone gets on the phone, and everyone seems to have the same pessimistic, angry and aggressive take on things.

There is a pervasive sense of hardship in town and it’s well founded it seems.  Money is tight (for most people) politics are despicable (Zuma is zuma-ing; the saga of “for whom the gantries toll” is in the final Act before it all commences ‘possibly by the end of the year’ says Sanral optimistically and any light on the horizon is coming not from the insightful actions of government but through the a teeny uplift  in sentiment spreading from the USA and London, as well as from the continuing, brave efforts of every day South Africans, simply getting on with trying to cope.

I’ve always thought how our personal worlds might be different if we lived in them less tired,  I’ve been back for a week now and it is so evident. People are exhausted, they’re grey, pale, emerging from a tough winter and a tough life season.  I wonder how different this part of the world would be if everyone could just close up shop and sleep for a month.  Let the bone-deep exhaustion  dissipate?

Every Friday night Hilton and family close down for 24 hours.  They isolate themselves from the bombardment of the world for a day each week and last night I was invited to share in part of it for dinner.  It feels like a Stromboli – a brave, bright, fiery volcano in the middle of a big wide changeable sea, constant in its signal for thousands of years.  A comfort to travelers, making their way past it throughout the ages.

Off to Mum and Dad now for their anniversary, we’re off to Nelspruit for a few days – of sleep and celebration.

One Response to “All’s well that ends with Friday night supper”

  1. Hilton November 20, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    Hi James I didn’t expect see our Friday night supper on the net!

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