From the Knights of Malta to one Arabian night

20 Oct

I’m on the way to SA for a few weeks; it’s Mum & Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary  and the visit gives me time to catch up with Hilton and Jackie and add my incredible value and then to do some  other work for Omnicor.

I flew Emirates from London to here (Dubai) and as always, it was great.  A few challenges though.  Lousette and Matthew as always were great to me in London.  While Lousette went to Simone’s school for an open night , Matthew, Hailey and I went out for H’s first curry and it was lovely!

Gorgeous nieces!

This morning L worked out the best cheapest way for me to get to Heathrow to catch my flight here. It all worked like clockwork, at exactly 13h15, just as she’d calculated, there I was all all checked in, standing at the counter, happy to be on time and unflustered.

Except they told me my flight was leaving from Gatwick not Heathrow!  I hadn’t checked the ticket carefull enough and here I was, perfectly on time for the right flight at the wrong airport.  Kayleigh, the very sweet blonde arabian with the Londonish accent consoled me with the thought that many people had done the same thing.  She had the grace not to add that most of those who had blapsed in the same way were drunken German soccer hooligans going home from a country with very few German signposts and fewer who kanst Deutsch sprechen.

She managed to get me on standby and then confirmed success an hour later.  I was on another flight and simply had to pay what she again gracefully called a balance-of-airport duties fee (but which I knew was code for “stupid passenger tax”).

So in the melee I lost my carefully reserved aisle eat and my gluten free meal.  Instead I got to sit in the middle of a row, with a large man with an unpleasant aroma packing the loudest snore I’ve ever heard (picture attached!).

Now I’m in Dubai, heading off to SA in a few hours, on the correct plane this time.

Missing my girls and the orange one

One Response to “From the Knights of Malta to one Arabian night”

  1. deryn October 21, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    No girls (unless you count me) and only a faintly tan coloured canine to make up for what you’re missing, but welcme to share travelling faux pas including wrong day/flihgt/time/airport with my globe trotting husband…Hope we’ll see you when you’re here…083 289 0997 call us

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