Ben in flight

11 Oct

It’s been a while since I wrote here, not because I’m losing interest but because I’m so invested in the process of building two businesses, supporting a third, and trying to build a life on this island.

Since I last wrote I have taken the boat out of the water, published a book, launched two websites, communicated with more people than an introvert should ever have to, settled my newly-young teenage daughter in a school that she loves and remembered a hundred times why I love Cathy so much.

And then there’s the dog. He really is a complete delight.  At 6:12 every morning he jumps on our heads reminding us in his not so gentle way that it’s time to go for a walk. So by any 6:30, when it’s my turn (every third day), I have reached the bottom entrance to the fields near our house and by then, there’s enough light to be able to make out the path leading forwards.

The field is an open space of pocket sized farms, ancient cart ruts, prehistoric carved pits and very, very preindustrial quarries. The limestone here is very soft and has been used for at least 5000 years to create various buildings and these walls.

It is bounded to the south by suburbs and then it rises to the old capital of Mdina on the hill.  To the north it is bounded by a road and beyond that it falls down through a massive quarry to the sea at St Pauls, about 4 km away. Even though it is so built up all the way around the fields, they feel quite exposed and desolate, a little like the moors in Yorkshire or Betty’s Bay in winter.

Benny decided today that he needed a fourth walk and so as night fell I took him to meet all of his friends (all of the other dogs on their passaggiata before bedtime).

He loves chasing balls and he’ll leap over the walls into the next field where he will quarter for five minutes to find the right stick or the muddy tennis ball. The picture is him coming back with his neon tennis ball-bone.

It feels good to write again.

2 Responses to “Ben in flight”

  1. Robert October 11, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

    What a life the three of you have elected to live. Never thought this is what you each would end up with (for now anyway). Ashton’s senior are very proud of you all and missing you like crazy.

  2. mum2dad October 12, 2012 at 9:11 am #

    At first we were concerned about you dragging the Red One around the world. Now however we see that it was a good move for both you and he who shall not be named.

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