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Maddy’s Fourteenth

30 Jul

Cathy has an old acquaintance and a new one. The old one is a cynic from her past, the new one is Facebook. I love how Cathy has leapt at facebook after resisting so heavily for so many years – now her page is vibrant and fun and her friendships are growing with people she knew before and now has the time to reconnect with. Continue reading


25 Jul

Sailing has its own specific language, not only of vocabulary, but also its cadences.  A journey on the sea is called a passage while a map is a chart, for example.  Salina to Riposto in Sicily marked our fourth official passage so far and we’re now starting to understand what’s involved and how to get into and enjoy a rhythm. Continue reading

Scylla and Charybdis

25 Jul

It is easy to let your mind wander when you’re at sea. Throughout the ages sailing and passage-making across the oceans has given rise to endless superstitions and myths and two days ago we encountered and survived two of the most colourful of all mythological monsters. Homer, telling the story of Odysseus talks about the twin perils of Scylla and Charybdis.

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Simple Gifts

24 Jul

One of the hopes I had beginning this journey was that I’d be able to start seeing people more clearly again.

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Dolphin dog and our beloved tragic Hungarian exile

14 Jul

Getting to  know Bennington in such close quarters, he keeps reminding of us of Bowli, his predecessor, but not quite . . . Continue reading

Waiting for favourable winds

14 Jul

We had a splendid send-off last night.  In Bonifacio to check the winds, we were treated last night to a 14th of July fireworks display from the ramparts of the Genoese keep above the upper town. Maddy and James reminded me that the fireworks at St John’s are probably a bit better for pure pyrotechnics, but the theatrical location made up for it!  Continue reading

Brief update

10 Jul

We are largely sea-based at the moment and so not easily able to access Wifi, but wanted to give a quick update so you know we haven’t vanished.  We had a successful passage to the Straits of Bonifacio and are pootling around here enjoying the sunshine, light winds, unexpected vistas and many coves.  Continue reading