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With Hearts of Oak we’ll advance (soon)

29 Jun

Enough dithering!  Time to advance – cheer up me lads – hearts of oak are our ships – jolly tars are our men (and women).  Monday has 15 knots behind us blowing us to Africa.  Advance Yangminshan!

‘I had a scary experience’ excuses

28 Jun

The sail to Tunisia for me was horrific. When I imagined sailing, I imagined slowly rocking from side to side with a sleepy puppy lying stretched across my tummy, not being violently flung from side to side while a whimpering puppy is being sea-sick. Continue reading

Slice of Malta

25 Jun

We’re still holed up in windy Port Napoleon while we repair the boat (steering, autopilot and broken stanchion); while James goes to the chandlery this afternoon I also need to clean her as she is now covered in a thick film of salt.  Although we were only there this time last week, Malta feels ages ago now, but just wanted to give a quick update. Continue reading

The unexpected delight of a day in Arles

24 Jun

As I think one of us has already mentioned, we had hoped to moor in Arles (pronounced “arl”) for a night and explore the town as a highlight of a cruise down the Rhone.  Continue reading

James’ version

24 Jun

So we’re safe and sound but back in Port St Louis, not at the marina where we were but at Port Napoleon, on the actual bay. It is about 4km from where we were moored but we travelled 240km to get here. Long story. Continue reading

Pan-Pan Yangminshan

24 Jun

Well, we are unexpectedly back at Port Napoleon (near Port St Louis) after an eventful departure and re-arrival!  Packed to the gunwales with food and water to last for ages, we left for Tunisia earlier this week, windguru having told us to expect light headwinds and a stiffer wind behind us at about 22h00.  Continue reading

A week in Port St Louis

16 Jun

Well what a week since we arrived here. The masts are up, the liferaft is purchased and fitted, the anchor is made Med ready (50m new chain with a swivel and a spare 30m chain in the hold), the kedge anchor (the one at the back) is still to be fitted tomorrow (maybe the anchor elves might come in the night) the hatch covers are almost painted. The dog has a French PetPassport and a letter of health for Tunisia, Continue reading