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A dog afloat

31 Mar

Cathy has Benny’s papers at last proving that he comes from an unbroken line of aristodogs, dating back from when dogs were fish.  It turns out that his white shoulder patches are in fact de rigeur (French again) and rather than speaking of a sullied line, serve to strengthen his claim to championship quality.

He’ll be a wonderful travelling nobledog, able to spread his refined seed wherever a young continental Vizsla girl is willing and ready.  Except for a single problem.  Benny has developed travel sickness.

Apparently whilst driving in the Jaguar was fine, he feels ill as soon as he moves anywhere in the Audi.  Such a sensitive hound.  We’re wondering how he’ll cope with life on ocean waves?

There seems to be light on the horizon though – he is able to control his nausea as long as Tchaikovsy’s Violin Concerto is playing!

Looking forward to having you here Ben, the transistors are all warmed up and ready to play

Life is a Circle

31 Mar

Sitting in port (Ramsgate) on a cloudy and slightly more windy day today.  Things are a little colder and I’ve got a whole range of errands ahead of me before we set off, tomorrow (Sunday).  Mainly though we’re waiting for DHL to deliver a parcel from Cathy, UK Customs impounded it because of two tins of coriander it contains.  Perhaps it’s sniffing-coriander?  Anyway, two duvet covers, a hose pipe, books and toilet chemicals, and a black skipper’s hat , check the lines for the canals and check the anchor, then I’ll be ready to go.

Forgive my upcoming maudle.

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Views of Shotley

28 Mar

Felixstowe is across the harbour from Harwich, which in turn is across the water from Shotley Marina, home for the past two nights and then for tonight as well.

It is a long line of container terminals and ethereal moving gantries, that pick up containers as they want. perhaps with some system but probably not, probably simply at the will of the little silicone brain that is secretly taking over the world with monstrous but cunningly designed machines like wind farms and container-lifters.

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Ramsgate on the English Riviera

28 Mar

I am starting to believe that inhabitants of the UK are more resourceful than they make out. That one of the key mechanisms Britons have developed for avoiding military invasion has been to spread the rumour that British weather is terrible, gloomy and rainy. Continue reading

It’sThursday night, must be Lowestoft

22 Mar

It’s Thursday night in Lowestoft and after a slow start we went into the town for some food supplies and later on for dinner (tea) at the Royal Lowestoft Yacht Club. I’m really enjoying my time with Tony, he’s a clever, quirky thoughtful (self confessed trendy wet liberal) Yorkshireman, also a good, patient teacher. Continue reading