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Benny’s Transpawter

27 Feb

 Benny is now booked to fly to Paris on Iberia on 19 April and our pet transpawtation (their italics) company sent us the following story to prepare him and us.  We thought you might enjoy this diversion into the world of the psychology (and marketing) of pet travel: Continue reading

Home again home again…

27 Feb

So I got home in time for Zoe’s Christening reception on Saturday evening after a really long flight from London.

We’re living in the rooms at the back of Omnicor and let’s say the nice thing is that it reminds us constantly we are on the move. Not even an English cavedwelling dolerunner would live in such a place.

Anyway – good to be home – to rescue the girls from their meltdowns and to complete and present some unfinished Omnicor proposals.

Funny though, SA hasn’t changed much since i went away!

The plague of realism

23 Feb

Eyam in Derbyshire is known as the Plague village.  In 1666 a bolt of damp cloth from London was left to dry in front of the open fire of one of the cottages and the infected fleas hidden in the cloth began their work.

The villagers compacted to isolate themselves from the world around them and they quarantined themselves.  When they needed to trade foods from villages nearby, they placed coins in vinegar, inside holes drilled in a boundary stone.  In return, their neighbours left the supplies they needed. Continue reading

Mission Part One – Yangminshan is found

20 Feb

In a muddy creek, the next phase of our adventure has been lying for a few months now, beautiful, getting ready for us. The Humber is a wide shallow river with shifting sandbanks in the middle of England.

Appropriately and coincidentally, Dad used to sail out of the Humber as crewman in the Merchant Navy in the 50s. I think he’s a little surprised that anything beautiful can have come from this place!

She’s a 32′ Westerly Pentland called Yangminshan, born in 1976 and well loved by various owners. Every piece of attention she’s had since birth has been documented : She has a new engine, no acne and in the words of one of the people I’ve met on the journey here – she’s a real battleship!

So I made the offer today and Tony’s accepted – from here it’s about the mechanics of taking transfer, doing some paintwork and getting ready to play.

Mission Part One – Accomplished

(Yangminshan is a National Park in Taiwan, full of exciting things and dangerous animals.  Venomous snakes and the modern progeny of ancient Aurochs)  

For slower viewers – the park in the clip is Yangminshan.  The cow is a domesticated descendant of the very large and grumpy Aurochs.  Now extinct.

A prayer – the best place in the world

20 Feb
I’m in a quaint  English coffee shop in Chesterfield.  It’s cold and wintery outside and inside it’s cosy and warm.
I wondered about where in the world I might find the single very best place.  The place above all others where I could sit and be, that would leave all others diminished and answer all the questions I’ve ever had.  The top of the mountain behind Muizenberg?  Five miles off the West Coast at night on a small yacht?

On the road looking at boats

15 Feb

I had a great weekend in London with Matthew, Lousette and girls, on Monday we went up to Lowestoft to see Longhope and honestly, it was a little down-heartening she was a reasonable price but there is so much work to do.

Today though I saw Weir Wizard in Brightlingsea – too expensive but she’s great and N, the owner is a great person. More next time.

Hair dryer survival gear

11 Feb

I’m here with nieces Hailey and Simone and the garage door has frozen up so we can’t get the car out. Lovely snow on the ground but chilly air and frustrating doors. The hair dryer seems to be a ubiquitous survival device. Good for hair, drying paint and unlocking garage doors.

Missing my girls, poor Cathy and Mads have to move home from the dam this weekend. Wish I could be there for them.

We’re going to Lowestoft on Monday (assuming we have the car out) and then I’m meeting Nigel to see his boat on Wednesday.